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One of the best ways to water - automatically give your plants moisture when they need it but not too much.
The Tropf Blumat (tropf is austrian for drip) has become the ideal watering method for growing in greenhouses, on decks and in planter boxes, as well as for certain kinds of outdoor plants.
Blumats work like using a timer but don't have the timer disadvantage of over-watering when weather conditions change or under-watering when plant conditions change. They sense the soil moisture level and based on that supply more or less water.




We’ve found and assembled many different fittings to make this process easy. We can also special order these fittings in many different configurations and for many different pipe sizes. We can probably find the perfect part for you!




Blumat Distributor Drippers (10) plus 2m of drip tube


If not THE best way, Blumats are definitely one of the best ways to water gardens, greenhouse, and house plants - at least the best way we've found after designing, installing and supplying thousands of drip irrigation systems, They don't depend on a timer or batteries, they don't over-water when it's raining or your plants are in a slow-growth period, they automatically give your plants extra water on hotter days and during growth spurts ... we could go on and on! But more than anything we could say, why not give it a try yourself?   


The system functions fully automatically.  Every plant, every container or group of plants requires at least 1 Tropf-Blumat adjusted to the individual needs of the plant. Larger containers or surfaces require longer or more than one sensor. All Tropf-Blumats are connected using one supply tube, this allows for flexibility in the layout and is changeable at any time.
  • Automatically waters individual plants, and only when needed.
  • Connects directly to your hose tap or rain barrel.
  • Inexpensive and works for years
  • Ideal for small or larger grow areas 
Blumat Sensor